Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Church Shower

It's terrible I'm just now getting around to posting these, but here is the first shower.

Three awesome girls from church - Sara, Elizabeth, and Tracy - threw me a wonderful shower. We had a little difficulty initially trying to figure out what date to do it, but we finally got it planned for June 9th. It also worked out for my mom to come and go to it with me.  Here are a few pictures from it :)

Sara made these cupcakes and they were absolutely delicious!!

This was the first monogram gift I received.
Gift from Sara and her mother-in-law - isn't the little robe & slippers sooo cute?!

Adorable bib Wyatt's mom sent for me to open at the shower. It says "His little lamb" with "The Lord is my shepherd... Psalm 23" on the back. I love it!

Me with mom and the quilt she made to go with the bedding

I received so many great gifts and am so thankful for the generosity of all the ladies from church! I was kicking myself after we left because I didn't get a picture with the ladies' who hosted it, but here is a picture of Elizabeth (to the left of my mom)

 and Tracy (also on the left)
and Sara was the one taking pictures so unfortunately there isn't one of her.

Thanks again everyone!

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