Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What we've been "UP" to...

Let's see... over the past month and a half, we've remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, repainted the hallway, relandscaped the yard, painted the trim on the house, repaired some siding, and reshingled the roof. All in addition to our full time jobs!!! Needless to say, we've been BUSY!!!! What's the reason for all this craziness?!!? Well, we are trying to sell our house so we can get one a little bigger.

I have before and after pictures of all of our projects, but for this post, I have the ones from this past weekend. I'll post the others later (when I figure out where the other memory card is...). We thought we were done with the "big" projects, until we decided that the roof was probably going to need replaced since we weren't sure how long it had been. So, since we are pretty big do-it-yourselfers, we decided we'd do it ourselves. We didn't really want to pay double to have someone else do it. I asked my dad if he knew how to do it and he did. So being the amazingly wonderful father he is, he offered to come help us. He came over Friday afternoon and needed to go back home Saturday. We were hoping we could work on it a while Friday afternoon/evening and then finish it up Saturday by early afternoon. Boy were we wrong!!!!

We had extra help come Friday afternoon to get the shingles up on the roof - thank goodness we didn't have to move all those bundles by ourselves!!! We got a good start Friday evening, but not as far as we would have liked to. We got up early Saturday morning and started around 7:30. We worked ALL day with only a few breaks here and there. We had to stop when it got dark and that's when dad had to head home. So, Wyatt and I got back on the roof by 8:00 Sunday morning and worked for a better part of the day. Neither of us were feeling that great after having worked all day Saturday. Actually, we felt like a couple of old people - moving slower than normal and achy all over. We finished around 4:30 and we're pretty sure the angelic choir could be heard singing the Hallelujah chorus!!! We've decided that we don't like roofing... We're pretty sure we'll pay someone next time!

These pictures are from Saturday morning. Wyatt was so funny - he did NOT like being on the roof! I was a little uneasy at first, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It was just funny to watch him.

You can see they've gotten a little over half-way up the front.

Dad and Wyatt trying to figure out which way to go next....

These are the before pictures of the back... I haven't gotten any afters yet.

These are from Sunday.... we were almost done. I was cutting more caps. I spent most of Saturday in that spot where I cut 300 caps, along with the 1/2's, 1's, 1 & 1/2's, and 2's that dad and Wyatt needed. I had to cut another 20 caps Sunday. So, for those of you who don't believe I was right up there with the guys - here's your proof!!!

This last one is a pretty good view of the "after" (minus the few pieces of trash you can see on that front part). We did really well estimating how many shingles we'd need. We had 2 full bundles left over to take back. As for shingles, we only had 3 halves left and 1 cap that was a little messed up. So, I thought we did really well!

Now, hopefully all we have to do is keep the house clean. That is, if we can get some people to come look at it. We've had a lot of people viewing it on craigs list and the blog I made for it. Please pray that the right people will see it and want to come take a look. We found a house we loved and had a contingency offer on it, but someone else came in and made an offer without a contingency. So, we were disappointed about that. We're trusting God that the right buyer will come and the right house for us will be available.