Saturday, July 9, 2011

37 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of Baby W: Swiss Chard (about 19.25 inches & 6.3 lbs)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 23 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, some normal tops & skirts
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day; it seems like he is doing mostly rolling around with very few kicks/punches. He's also had the hiccups several times. I think he has dropped a little, so I'm feeling a lot of movement really low.
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach and sleeping through the night
Cravings: McDonald's French Fries, Pizza & Sno Cones
Wyatt's Cravings: None
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night; having to go to the bathroom more often; more difficulty sleeping/getting comfortable; indigestion; low back pain; getting out of breath easier; and my ankles (mostly my left one) have started swelling at the end of the day or when I get hot (yes, the list keeps getting longer!)
Best Moment This Week: Noticing that he has dropped and realizing we are so close to meeting him!

We went to the doctor for our weekly appointment on Thursday morning. We were in and out in less than an hour, which I'm pretty sure is a record, lol! We got to hear his heartbeat again and she said everything looked & sounded good. She also pointed out that she thought he had dropped, which would explain my more frequent middle-of-the-night-bathroom-trips and some tingling in my left leg. On Tuesday night, I woke up every 2 hours and then again on Wednesday night. I suppose mother nature is getting me ready for Wyndon, lol. I really needed a good night's sleep on Thursday night, so I prayed I'd get one and I did - I think I only got up 1 time! Anyways, back to the appointment.... She said she'd give me a choice this week on if I wanted her to check me or not, but next week she definitely will. I said I'd like her to (I'm very curious to see if anything is happening) and that's what she said - that she'd be curious too. My cervix was still closed and soft, but had moved to the back a little. She said it does that right before it moves back forward and starts opening. So, we will see this week if it has started opening. 

Did you notice my new blog design? My wonderful sister was nice enough to design me a new background and header. I LOVE how it turned out! She kept asking me for some recent pictures of Wyatt and I, but we hardly ever have pictures taken. The most recent ones we had were the family pictures we had done in November. She suggested having someone at church take a picture of us Sunday. I felt a little awkward asking someone, so after we got home Wyatt set the camera up on the tripod. He has a little remote for the camera but it was only working some of the times. About half of the pictures have him trying to get the little remote thingy to work, lol! We also were able to get a couple with the dogs. I emailed them to her and told her to let her creative juices flow, lol! She did a great job! Thanks Cherrie!

I feel like I have so much I need to get done - finish thank-you's, get the blogs on the showers written, finish organizing the nursery, pack my hospital bag, regular housework, etc. Hopefully, I can mark several things off the list this week. I just keep saying that I can't believe we are so close to Wyndon being here! And if I think about the fact that I was 2 weeks early & a friend of mine recently had her baby 2 weeks early, we are even closer! Crazy!

Here's my mid-week/ 36 1/2 week photo:
Since Sunday was July 3rd, I decided to be a little patriotic & wear my red dress :)

Today, some friends of ours took some maternity pictures for me. When I was first pregnant, I definitely wanted to have some done. As time went by, it kinda got put on the back burner with everything else going on. Then I realized last week I wasn't going to be pregnant for much longer and I had better get them done (and soon!) if I was going to do them! Luckily my friend was available this morning to do them. I know we got some really cute shots, so I can't wait to see them! I'll be sure and post them when I get them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend (what's left) and try to stay cool! 

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Mark and Cari said...

Well, time is tickin' and he'll be here before you know it! I can't wait to be an aunt!