Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 Weeks & End of the Second Trimester

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of Baby W: Cauliflower
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Technically no - I can still fasten my pants (barely) but its not very comfortable, so I started wearing a Bella Band yesterday
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day; he's been hanging out on the left side of my stomach today - my belly has been lopsided several times today
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: McDonald's french fries
Wyatt's Cravings: None
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night & I've been really tired the past few days (I am OUT shortly after my head hits the pillow & I haven't even been waking up when Wyatt's alarm goes off!)
Best Moment This Week: Feeling him move a lot

It's hard to believe this is my last week of the second trimester! I can't believe I am 2/3 of the way there! It seems like it has flown by. I think about all we still need to do to prepare for our little guy and tell myself we've got to get stuff done! I also look at our calendar and wonder where we'll fit it all in. I know we have the busiest few months coming up, but I am already so in love with this little guy & can't wait to meet him (I prefer that he stay put for a while longer, though)! I can't wait to see what he looks like & what his personality is like. One of my friends had her beautiful baby girl over the weekend and that has really gotten me thinking about our little guy.

The past few days I've been a little thirstier than I had been. I told Wyatt that I had to keep Wyndon's swimming pool full! Lol! When he starts moving/kicking, I say he's doing his water aerobics & I've been so tired because of all the swimming lessons I've been giving. I think it's a pretty good explanation, if I do say so myself!

Here's my 26 1/2 week/Easter pic:

We didn't really do much for Easter, but I'm sure that will change next year! We went to church Sunday morning, got Braum's for lunch, relaxed a little (well Wyatt did while I fixed several of my necklaces that had broken over the past few months), back to church Sunday night, & then went to Mazzio's with a few couples from church.

It's been pretty rainy & stormy here the past several days, so I'm hoping we have the pretty weather they're forecasting for the end of the week. I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

26 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby W: Hothouse Cucumber
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (had to wear my loosest jeans & my uniform pants are getting pretty tight!)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day - the past few days he's been really active early in the morning (like @ 4am when Wyatt gets up)
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: McDonald's french fries and sweets
Wyatt's Cravings: None
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night & some growing pains
Best Moment This Week: Feeling how much he's moving and getting more excited about meeting him!

There's not really a lot to report on this week... It seems like my belly got quite a bit bigger over this last week (I know I say that every week ;)) I've been keeping track of my measurements each week and I'm steadily getting 0.5" bigger each week, so I'm not sure why it seems like its so much bigger, but it does! I'm pretty sure I only have about a week, if that, left at wearing my normal pants for work. They are getting pretty tight, so I guess I'm going to have to go shopping - shucks! I do have some black maternity shorts already that I ordered from Old Navy, but it's not quite warm enough to wear those yet.

Last Friday and Saturday I got to go on a ladies' retreat with our church. I think there were about 80 ladies that attended. We went to Rogers, AR and stopped for some delicious catfish in Fayetteville on the way there. We had a session Friday evening and then a couple more Saturday morning. We also had a craft project Friday night - a necklace, which was right up my alley! The theme was Hidden Treasure - we learned about spiritual gifts and took a test to see what our's are. My top 2 were mercy & servant. I had such a wonderful time getting to know several of the ladies better and just enjoyed the fellowship and little break from the normal. After lunch on Saturday, everyone got to go shopping at the Pinnacle Hills mall, except me. One of my friends was having a baby shower that afternoon in Farmington, so my mom was nice enough to come get me so we could go to the shower. It was great to see some friends and catch up a little. Then mom took me back so I didn't miss the bus back to Tulsa. The weekend was so much fun, but went by way too fast! (They have a way of doing that, lol!)

Here's my 25 1/2 week photo:
 I know I already said it, but I am getting so excited about our little guy! I can't wait to meet him, see his personality, and who he looks like!

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

25 Weeks & *Fabric Samples*

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of Baby W: Rutabaga (I have no idea what that is!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 9 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (had to wear my loosest jeans)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day - the past few days he's been really active early in the morning (like @ 4am when Wyatt gets up)
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: McDonald's french fries & Fried Chicken
Wyatt's Cravings: None
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night
Best Moment This Week: Getting to hear his heartbeat at our appointment yesterday

We had our monthly appointment yesterday. She said everything was looking good. When we were listening to his heartbeat, she said that he was really performing for her (he was moving around quite a bit)! We have one more appointment in 4 weeks and then we go to every 2 weeks. I can't believe we're already that far along! She also talked to us about enrolling in a childbirth class and taking a tour of the hospital. So we are going to try to get that lined up for next month. I also have to do the glucose test in 4 weeks (not really looking forward to that). Anyone have any pointers for it?

My belly is getting a lot bigger (in my eyes) but a lot of people say that I don't look like I'm 25 weeks! I'm still getting used to having to work around it. I know it's not that big yet, but I am still not used to it being there, lol! I compared my 12 week photo to this week's and I just look soooo different! It's pretty funny!

Here's my 24 1/2 week picture:

I think this dress made me look a little bigger than I really am. It's funny how some things minimize the bump and some make you look huge!

And finally, what a lot of people have been waiting for.... A picture of the fabric samples we'll be using on the baby bedding. My wonderful mom is making it for us and actually got started on part of it today. Thanks in advance Monna - I know it will turn out beautifully! You are the best! 
 I can't wait to see it all finished and to put everything together! I am soooo excited!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday & wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

24 Weeks & 50th Birthday

* Edited - Ok, so I'm a goofball.... I just realized I posted the same pictures from last week, oops! So, I'll post the correct 24 week pictures :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of Baby W: Length of an ear of corn
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 8 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (had to wear my loosest jeans)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day - but especially during church
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: Chicken Strips from Buffalo Wild Wings
Wyatt's Cravings: None
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night
Best Moment This Week: Sitting with Wyatt on the couch watching & feeling my belly move

We had a pretty busy week last week, which is why I'm just now getting this post up. There isn't much to report on for the '24 week' post... Not much changed from the week before. I have a definite 'baby bump' now that is very distinct in anything I wear. I look in the mirror and can't believe how big it's getting! I still sometimes stop and think to myself, "I'm really pregnant; we're really going to have a baby!" Lol! I thought for sure it would feel so real once I started showing, but I do sometimes still catch myself thinking that.

The main reason the end of last week was so busy was because we went to AR to surprise my mother for her 50th birthday. Those of you that know her, know how hard it to to get anything past her! My sister, father, & I had been working out all the details for our visit for a few weeks. It was really hard to not say anything, especially when she kept asking in different ways (some of which were very indirect)! She even tried to get my dad to tell her. Wyatt & I got to AR in time to meet mom & dad for dinner Friday night at her favorite restaurant - Olive Garden. We had a very delicious dinner, but sadly didn't think to take any pictures. Then we headed home to wait for Mark ,Cari, & Calloway to get there. Once they got there, we visited for a little while and then we all decided to go to bed 'cause we were all pooped!

Dad kept telling mom that she had a big day on Saturday (her birthday) and that she needed her rest. Cari & I, with the help of our Aunt Susan & Brenda, had been planning a little surprise party for her. We took her out to lunch on Saturday at Red Lobster and then went to Susan's house. The members of our family that could make it were there, as well as a few of mom's closest friends. She pretty much knew something was up the whole time, but just didn't know when or where it'd be. We played a few games, mom opened a few over-the-hill gifts/cards, and we had some refreshments (fruit, vegetables & cupcakes). We had a lot of fun trying to surprise her and were so happy we could spend such a milestone birthday with her. It was great to see & spend time with my family, even if it was a short visit. Here are a few pics before we went to lunch on Saturday:

Monna~ I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are the best mom anyone could ask for and I am so thankful God made me your daughter! I really appreciate all you do for me/us (especially the decision-making-over-the-phone assistance ;)). It is so comforting to know that you are always there to guide, assist, & share your wisdom with me. I love you so much!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Our's was really good, but seemed really short! We have our next appointment on Wednesday & I can't wait to hear our little man's heartbeat again! Be sure to check back (hopefully Wednesday) for the next post, which will have a sneak peak at our bedding fabric ;) 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Airplanes & Nursery Sneak Peak

As promised, here's a picture of the contents of Wyndon's first mail package:
It's an airplane bank! It's sooo cute and I can't wait for our little man to start saving!
Also in the package was this adorable outfit:
I can't wait to dress little Wyndon in it! Auntie Nette got it while she was in California from Kim Kardashian's mother's (Kris Jenner) shop.

Here's a pic of another gift we got from a very special family: 
How cute is that little outfit?!? And I love the super soft blanket with the airplane on it!

Now for a sneak peak at the nursery..... This is all I have so far because I don't really have room for much until we actually turn the office into the nursery (tiny house=no extra space).
As you can see, we are using blue and green, but we're also going to use some black & white (that shouldn't be much of a surprise, lol ;)) I can't wait to start putting everything together! We are going to have to repaint the walls because they are the wrong color of green. I haven't decided what color we're going to paint them yet though... but I do have a few ideas ;)

Finally, I'm going to go ahead and post my mid-week photo: 23 1/2 weeks
I've had this shirt for several years, but just got the skirt from Kohl's. I was shocked at how well they matched!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

23 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of Baby W: Large Mango
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6-7 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (had to wear my loosest jeans)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day - but especially during church
What I Miss: Being able to do everything I need to do (without having to take breaks)
Cravings: Loaded  Baked Potatoes & chocolate
Wyatt's Cravings: Chili
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night & I think I had some heartburn last night
Best Moment This Week: Getting some stuff for the nursery & sitting on the couch in the evenings with Wyatt watching my belly move

This week seems to have flown by! I didn't get to work much due to the weather, which means I had time to shop for a few things for the nursery. I plan to do a post - possibly tomorrow - with a few 'sneak peaks' on the nursery decor ;) Wyndon also received his first package in the mail from his Gr-Auntie Nette! I'll include pics of his goodies in the next post.

There's not really much else going on with us - just the normal day-to-day stuff. I'm not sure why, but the past few days I've really been wanting to take a vacation and go to a beach. I guess I'm just ready for spring weather and tired of all this cold, blah weather. I've also been having several crazy dreams at night, most of which I can remember a lot of the details but they are kinda hard to describe.

Here's my mid-week pic from Sunday:
And here's a pic that never got posted:

 This was from back at the end of Feb and I was 18 1/2 weeks at that time. Our Sunday school class had an outing for Valentine's Day (postponed a few weeks due to the snow) and this was right before we left. I got off work early that day, so I had a little extra time to primp and do something different with my hair ;) 

I can't believe it's already April! I think yesterday was one of the first April Fool's Days that I didn't pull any pranks/jokes. Did anyone pull any good pranks/jokes?

Well, that's all for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend & enjoys this beautiful weather we're having! Be sure to check back in the next few days to see some of Wyndon's goodies & some of what I've gotten for the nursery ;)