Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanksgiving & Christmas

I realize it's been over a month since I've updated.... but in my defense, we've been really busy!!! I guess I'll start with Thanksgiving.... We went to AR this year.  We left on Thursday morning and had lunch with my father's side. We hung out a little and then had dinner with my mother's side. Cari, Mark, & Calloway didn't get in until Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, Cari and I took our cousins, Brianna & Lauren, shopping. Wyatt & I were going to meet my friends for lunch on Saturday, but the whole Campbell clan was sick so we only had lunch with Steph & Josh (& baby Cadence). It was so good to seem them!!!

We headed back home on Saturday evening. Then it was December! Mostly, we were busy with work and school (for Wyatt). The weekend before Christmas, we headed over to AR again. I took Brianna & Lauren shopping Saturday morning for their Christmas presents. Then, my Aunt Susan hosted a congratulations party for my Aunt LeAnn Saturday evening. We are all so proud of her for completing her degree!!!  Afterwards, Wyatt and I had dinner with mom & dad and headed back home.

For Christmas this year we decided that we would drive down to TX. Cari & Mark weren't going to be able to spend much time in NWA and they were going to be making a 2-day drive to Mark's family in NC. So, mom & dad and Wyatt & I decided we could save them the extra drive and get to spend more time with them. We headed down on Tuesday afternoon. Cari and I had a day of shopping planned for Wednesday. Then, mom & dad would be there Wednesday afternoon.

Wyatt and I went to IKEA Thursday morning. It started snowing while we were out and about. It was so pretty!!! I couldn't believe we actually had a white Christmas! We had Christmas with his family Thursday evening.

Then, Friday morning we got up and drove to Cari & Mark's for Christmas with my family. We got there mid-morning and Calloway was already ready to open presents!!! We had so much fun with her this year. She was so funny!!! The first is a gift from Nonna & Poppy. The second is from us for her Christmas & birthday.

After we opened presents, we had a little bit of a late lunch. They were in the process of changing Calloway's room from a nursery to a little girl's room. So after lunch, Mom was working on painting a tree on the wall and Cari & I worked on redoing the letters to Calloway's name that hang on the wall. Mark was playing on his laptop (I think), dad did Sudoku, and Wyatt took a nap! We headed back to Wyatt's grandmother's house that evening and just took it easy. We got up on Saturday morning and headed home. We were greeted with a lot of snow and ice!!!

We had a safe drive home, but we did have one close call. There was an explorer getting on the highway and started losing control on the on-ramp. Both us and the car in front of us had to maneuver to avoid the SUV. We were both successful and I think the driver of the explorer got it under control too. A few moments later, I was saying how scary that was and that I was glad we weren't as close as the other car. About that time, we pulled up beside the other car and the guy's jaw was still dropped open and his hand was over his heart! Wyatt and I both just busted up laughing 'cause it was exactly how we felt!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!! (& sorry this was so long...)