Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jean Dilemma

This was going to be a post about my amazingly wonderful weekend visit with my best friends and an update from the past month or so, but that was before my longer-than-it-should-have-been attempt at finding a new pair of jeans. I spent about 4 hours this afternoon trying on jeans and I could not find a single pair that fit properly!!! The search started at Old Navy because they had their jeans on sale for $19 this weekend. Their jeans used to not fit right, but then about a year or so ago I found a pair there that fit nicely. So, I was hoping I would be able to find some more. No such luck! I should have counted how many I tried on, but NONE of them fit!

I decided that I would try Aeropostale because one of my favorite pairs came from there. I got one of each style they had and in the size of the ones I have already to try on. I tried all of them on, but again NONE of them fit. They were all too tight and too short! So, I went back out and got the next size in the 2 styles I liked. They were better length wise, but the waist band bulged out in the back. They've apparantly changed their jeans since the last time I bought some.

The next stop was J C Penney. It had been a while since I'd gotten jeans from there, but a few months ago I got a pair of skinny jeans that I absolutely love. So, I thought I'd give it a try. I lost track of how many trips I made to the dressing room! Each time I would tell myself that was the last trip (I didn't listen very well!). Once again, they were tight in the thighs and too short. So, I'd try the next size and the waist band would bulge. On one trip to the dressing room, I passed by a rack of misses' jeans and thought maybe I should try those to see if they fit differently than the juniors. Well, they were exactly the style/cut I was looking for, except for one thing - they were mid-rise which made the crotch a little saggy. I really debated buying them and seeing if I could get them altered, but I wasn't sure how easy that would be.

So, I would love to hear some suggestions on where I should look for jeans. Where do you buy jeans? I really didn't want to pay a lot for them, but I think I may have to if I want to find some that fit really well. Please help!