Saturday, March 26, 2011

22 Weeks ~ A Little Late...

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of Baby W: Spaghetti Squash
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (had to wear my loosest jeans)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day - but especially during church
What I Miss: Being able to do everything I need to do (without having to take breaks)
Cravings: Chilli dogs & Mazzio's Cheese Dippers (but not together ;))
Wyatt's Cravings: None this week
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night
Best Moment This Week: Feeling him move a lot

There's not a whole lot new this week as far as my pregnancy goes. I couldn't decide which pose I liked, so I just used them both, lol! I think my belly is really starting to 'pop' out there. It is definitely more noticeable and some of my dresses are too tight to wear now. Wyatt loves to rub my belly and say, "I wish....", but for some reason he won't let me rub his and make a wish, lol! I think there's something wrong with this picture ;) He thinks my little belly is so cute and tells me so every chance he gets. I am really getting excited (not that I wasn't before) about this little guy and am soooo ready to start putting the nursery together. It is still just so amazing that there's a little life growing inside me. I love to just sit with my hand on my belly and feel him move. One of my favorite times of the day is when Wyatt and I are laying in bed cuddeling before we go to sleep. Usually Wyndon is moving around quite a bit, so Wyatt puts his hand on my belly and we just enjoy laying there feeling our baby move. It's the coolest thing ;)

I didn't have to work last Saturday, so I slept in some and then got up and got busy. I needed to try on some maternity clothes I'm borrowing from a friend and also needed to start switching out my winter/summer wardrobe (it'll be so nice when we have enough closet space & room for a dresser that I don't have to pack the other season's stuff up!). We are also trying to make room for Wyndon's stuff (since we haven't had any bites on our house). I was able to move all of my clothes into the closet in our room and Wyatt's going to try to fit his in the guest bedroom closet. We had a humongous tv in the armoire in our bedroom, but decided that room would be better used for clothes. With a little help from me and a dolly, Wyatt was able to get the tv out to the garage. Everytime we've moved that tv in the past, I've gotten hurt, lol! I think the only thing this time was I hit my rear pretty good on one of the door knobs.

The second half of this week was pretty busy for us. We had church on Wednesday night, Wyatt flew and I worked a little late on Thursday so we treated ourselves to a cheap dinner at Chili's, Friday night was the Stewardship Banquet with church, and then I had to work this morning & Wyatt had another flight. Tomorrow is going to be busy too - we've got to get this house cleaned and back in order! It just seems like there is never enough time to get everything done!  

This was my mid-week photo from last Sunday:
I think this was the 3rd time I've worn this dress - 1st time was leaving our wedding ;) and 2nd was to my good friend's wedding. I'm not really sure why/how I remember that, especially since I sometimes can't remember things that really matter, but I do, lol!

I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon. Man have I missed that place! I don't think I've been since early January - which is a VERY long time for me! I think I was in there for a little less than 2 hours.... I had to see what all I have been missing ;) I was also on the phone with my mom for a large part of that time discussing various things/ideas for Wyndon's nursery. I'll have to post some of the things I've gotten so far as a little nursery teaser ;)

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday tomorrow - I'm definitely looking forward to church! Hopefully I'll be a little more on top of things for next week's post... In the meantime, Wyatt and I have been thinking about going to register. When did you register and what item(s) do you highly recommend or definitely don't think is needed? Thanks!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Size of Baby W: Banana
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (but my jeans were awfully tight!)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He's been pretty active off & on all day
What I Miss: Being able to do everything I need to do (without having to take breaks)
Cravings: Pizza, Hamburgers & Salad
Wyatt's Cravings: None this week
Symptoms: Some headaches and being hungry all the time
Best Moment This Week: Hearing his heartbeat again at our appointment yesterday and feeling him move more frequently

We had our monthly appointment yesterday. We had just gotten in the room and my weight & blood pressure taken when we were told my doctor had to run (literally) to the hospital. They said we could wait or reschedule. We decided we'd just try to reschedule, but when we got up to the desk they said she called and said it should only be about 30 min. We decided to wait. It was a little longer than 30 min, but she came back and had delivered a healthy 8lb 12oz baby boy! We got to hear the heartbeat again and she said he sounded perfect. I have 2 more monthly appointments and then we go to every 2 weeks. I can't believe we're almost to that point!

I've decided to do the rest of my weekly bump pictures in the blue tank and to take mid-week pictures in other outfits. I decided to do just one color of tank because they all fit differently and I thought it'd be easier to compare week to week if I was in the same one/color.

There's not really much else going on. My pregnancy is definitely feeling more 'real' with all of Wyndon's little movements! Sometimes I am surprised at how much he's moving and how strong the movements are. It is also weird to see myself looking so much different in the mid section than what I've always been used to and to see the number going up on the scale. I know I'm supposed to be 'bigger', but it still takes some getting used to- especially since I've been the same size for at least the past 10 years! I'm not complaining or down about it because I know it is all part of the miracle of life and the beginning of the next exciting chapter of our lives. 

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I can't wait for the weekend, even though it's time to tackle the house cleaning again. I am also going to try to go through all of my clothes and pack up what I know I won't be able to wear to make room for my new-to-me maternity wardrobe. Needless to say, it's shaping up to be a busy one, but there's just something about weekends that I look forward to. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Since I'm using my blog to help me remember highlights from my pregnancy, I figured I should make note of a few things from this weekend. On Friday evening, I drove over to AR to see my mom and dad and to go baby stuff shopping on Saturday. My aunt told me about a huge consignment sale going on this weekend at the end of January and invited me to go with her. I was so happy that we were able to find out we are having a boy so that I could get some good stuff! My mom went a couple of times earlier in the week since I wasn't going to be able to go until Sat and we were afraid all the good stuff would be gone. Unfortunately, my aunt wasn't able to go, so it was just me and mom, but we still had fun. We went to the sale early Sat morning and got some really cute stuff. I think by now Wyndon has over 10 pairs of shoes! (I know what my weakness is going to be, but that really shouldn't surprise anyone ;)) Of course, some of them are a little bit bigger so he won't be able to wear them for a while.

Mom noticed a baby store across the street so we had to stop in there too. They had a lot of really cool/cute stuff -baby furniture, bedding, strollers/car seats, etc. There were a couple of the crib bedding sets I liked, so we were able to get an idea of how I want mom to make the stuff for Wyndon's nursery. After we had lunch, we went on the hunt for some fabric. We finally found what we were looking for at the 3rd store! We're waiting to hear back on the availability of it so hopefully our hard work will pay off.

We also made a stop in Old Navy since the one over there has some maternity stuff. I wanted to try on some things so I'd have an idea of what size I need. On the way home, we stopped by one of my best friends' houses so I could borrow some of her maternity clothes. It was so good to see her and catch up a little even though our visit was short. Needless to say, we were both pretty worn out by the time we got home! Mom and dad had something at a friend's house Sat evening and I wanted to get home semi-early, especially since we lost an hour Sat night, so I headed back to Tulsa.

Here's a mid-week picture in something other than the normal tank/jeans:

This was before church Sunday night

Now a little 'baby' update...
For the most part, Wyndon is typically most active in the early afternoon. That is usually when I feel him moving around and it has been lasting about 30 min to an hour. I feel him randomly at other times, but it is just a kick or two. Well yesterday morning in church, he must have been enjoying the singing and preaching because he was doing a lot of moving and kicking. It lasted all the way through the service and a little at lunch. I was pretty shocked at not only the amount of movement but also how long it lasted! Then in the evening service, he was getting with it again. Maybe he was dancing to the music or something, lol ;)  There were a couple of kicks that were pretty strong compared to the other ones and almost made me jump because it kinda caught me off guard. It is such a weird feeling but so neat to know there's actually a little person growing in there. I can't wait to see who he takes after in mannerisms, physical traits, food likes/dislikes, etc.

On Friday, I had a flight at 10 which turned out to be my only flight that day because of how bumpy and turbulent it was. I didn't really think much about it being bumpy because that typically doesn't bother me (unless it's between week 6 & week 12 and I'm feeling nauseated all the time). Anyways, we had some pretty big bumps where my student and I both came out of our seat a little. Shortly thereafter I felt some kicks. It just kinda makes me wonder what that feels like to Wyndon. I know he's probably used to my 'normal' movements, but I wonder what he thinks is going on when I'm flying and especially if there's any turbulence. I think it'd be cool to have some sort of 'womb' simulation ride where you get in and kinda float around like babies do - just to see what it feels like. Or I might just be weird.... Anyone else ever wonder what the baby feels/thinks? 

Sorry this post was so long... I just want to make sure that I keep good notes throughout my pregnancy so I can come back and read it later and compare future pregnancies. Now that we've gotten through the hardest/most dreaded day of the week (at least for me), I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 weeks ~ Half Way!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of Baby W: Small Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (but my jeans were awfully tight!)
Gender: BOY!!! Wyndon James Wagner
Movement: He is most active in the early afternoon
What I Miss: Being able to do everything I need to do (without having to take breaks)
Cravings: French Fries
Wyatt's Cravings: None this week
Symptoms: Some headaches and being hungry all the time
Best Moment This Week: Hearing all the sweet comments people made about our name choice and I actually saw my belly move Sunday afternoon!

There hasn't been a whole lot going on this week, especially after last week's big announcement. I am definitely getting excited thinking about nursery ideas and can't wait to go shopping this weekend to look for fabric! I'm also going to a big consignment sale with my aunt and can't wait to see what goodies we will find!
We received one of our first baby gifts the other day from a lady Wyatt works with. I had never seen or heard of these before...
but maybe those of you who have been around little boys have heard of them before, lol. I think it's a pretty good idea myself. After seeing the 'suspicious' pictures from last week's ultrasound, she also said, "I hope they are big enough!" Hahahaha! (I just wanted to record that for the future just in case I forget)

I've officially run out of different colored tanks (other than my black and white ones). So I can either cycle back through them or I can start taking my weekly pictures in different outfits. On the one hand, it would be easier to compare if I continue with the tank theme and it's pretty easy to decide what to wear for my weekly picture (those of you that really know me know how well I like to make decisions ;)). On the other hand, I'm sure I will want some pictures of myself in some of the different maternity outfits I wear. So, what do you think? Continue with the tanks or mix it up a bit?

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, we've finalized our name choice. Wyatt and his brother and sister all have the initials WJW, so I told him we could continue the tradition if we have a boy. There aren't a lot of 'W' names in general, let alone ones that I like so it was a little difficult. We have actually had names picked out for a couple of years and agreed pretty quickly on the choices. The name we've chosen is a slight variation of the initial name we had picked out. I'm sure you just want to know what it is, so we have decided to go with:

Wyndon James Wagner

We chose to spell it 'Wy' because that's how Wyatt's name starts out and James is my father's name. I have always wanted to use my dad's name if I had a little boy, especially since he doesn't have any sons. I'm happy that the 'J' worked out for the middle name.

Now we have to decide what to do for the nursery :) 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

19 weeks

It's a...............................................................................................


Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby W: Mango or heirloom tomato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet (but my jeans were awfully tight!)
Gender: BOY!!!
Movement: Definitely feeling some flutterings
What I Miss: Being able to do everything I need to do (without having to take breaks)
Cravings: Baked potato and hamburgers
Wyatt's Cravings: None this week
Symptoms: Some headaches and being hungry all the time
Best Moment This Week: Getting to see our baby at the ultrasound today and finding out we're having a BOY!

As you see, we had our ultrasound today. The ultrasound tech did all of her measurements and stuff and then did the fun part of trying to figure out the gender. After a few 'suspicious' pictures, she determined that it is a BOY! He was pretty active again today (uh-oh) and she had some difficulty getting all her measurements, as well as getting a good view of 'the area'. As you will see in the pics below, it's pretty obvious that he's a he ;)

We're finalizing our name choice, so I'll be sharing it in a few days. I'll give you a sneak peek though - the initials will be WJW. I can't wait to get started on picking out the fabric/theme for the nursery and now I can go buy some of those really cute baby shoes I've been seeing!!!

Here are the suspicious pictures: 
He is face down, kinda kneeling - you can see his spine and the tops of his legs

This view he's facing to the right and it's kinda sliced through his hip area - you can see his thighs on the top and bottom of the picture

(If you aren't very good at seeing ultrasound pictures, just look near the word 'Boy' :))

And here's another picture, just 'cause he's so cute:
Hope everyone has a great week! & don't forget to check back in a few days when we announce his name!