Sunday, April 3, 2011

Airplanes & Nursery Sneak Peak

As promised, here's a picture of the contents of Wyndon's first mail package:
It's an airplane bank! It's sooo cute and I can't wait for our little man to start saving!
Also in the package was this adorable outfit:
I can't wait to dress little Wyndon in it! Auntie Nette got it while she was in California from Kim Kardashian's mother's (Kris Jenner) shop.

Here's a pic of another gift we got from a very special family: 
How cute is that little outfit?!? And I love the super soft blanket with the airplane on it!

Now for a sneak peak at the nursery..... This is all I have so far because I don't really have room for much until we actually turn the office into the nursery (tiny house=no extra space).
As you can see, we are using blue and green, but we're also going to use some black & white (that shouldn't be much of a surprise, lol ;)) I can't wait to start putting everything together! We are going to have to repaint the walls because they are the wrong color of green. I haven't decided what color we're going to paint them yet though... but I do have a few ideas ;)

Finally, I'm going to go ahead and post my mid-week photo: 23 1/2 weeks
I've had this shirt for several years, but just got the skirt from Kohl's. I was shocked at how well they matched!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Jazmin @ Happily Ever After said...

Oh you are glowingly beautiful!! LOVE all the baby stuff!! Super cute.