Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Car

Last weekend, Wyatt and I drove over to NWA to pick up our new car. This was after I spent most of my Tuesday on the phone with 2 dealers to try and get a good deal, between insurance calls of course! First, here's what I got to drive for the week...

Good 'ole Buick Lucerne... it had a good ride though! One of the other instructor's asked if it was my grandmother's car!!! I thought that was pretty funny!! I did feel like I was driving a boat, especially compared my little civic, well my old civic!!

So, here it is... our new car!!!

Now, I just have to learn how to drive it... It is a Civic SI with manual transmission and I've never learned how to drive one, I've only ever had automatics. So, Wyatt gets to enjoy it for a few weeks until I learn. I'm back to driving the Santa Fe for now. I had my first driving lesson today, and let's just say I need a few more, well may be lots more!!! I would get the hang of it and then let the clutch out too fast and stall it. I would be ok if I never had to stop. We don't need stop signs, right?!?! Then, Wyatt had me stop on a hill... Yep, had trouble with that! I told him we should just move somewhere flat, like Kansas. He didn't seem to think that was too good of an idea. Oh well, I'll keep getting driving lessons and hopefully be able to drive it in a few weeks, or maybe a year!!! Hope everyone has a great week!

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Suzette said...

Like the new car!!! :)