Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My frog?

I know, I know... It's been awhile. We've been busy with nothing really exciting happening. I've been working about 10-12 hours a day on average, so I just really want to do nothing when I do have some free time. Otherwise, not much is new.

Everyone at work has been asking about "my frog" because of this:

So here's the story.... One day last week, I was walking back to flight ops after a flight and I saw a smushed frog on the edge of the sidewalk. There were a few line guys standing by the picnic table, so I asked one of them if he could take care of it. Well, the poor frog-with-its-inerds-lying-on-the-sidewalk was still there the next day. So I mentioned it to the line guy and he said he would give it a proper burial for me. A little while later, someone asked me about my frog. I asked them what they meant, and they told me to go look outside. So this is what I saw! I'm not really sure a frog can live that long... (it says 1/5/02-4/29/09 if you can't read it) Anyways, I keep getting asked about "my frog" so now you know.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Cinco de Mayo and hopefully it won't be so long next time!!!

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Suzette said...

Hoe funny is that!! What a long life the little guy had! :) It was so great to see you at my shower! It really meant a lot to have you and your mom there!