Friday, May 15, 2009

Not so "Flying" Car

I normally don't look forward to Mondays, but they come just like every other day of the week. I did my normal morning routine and headed to work. Little did I know, my day was going to go extremely different than I expected. I was almost to work, probably 1 minute away, when I yawned. The only thing I can figure is that while my eyes were closed for that split second, I got off the edge of the road just enough to be in the ditch. There is practically no shoulder - you are either on the road or in the ditch. Once I was in the ditch, I hit a driveway, which kind of acted like a ramp and launched me into the air.
While airborne, my car flipped and then landed upside down and slid for a good 20 feet or so. I somehow managed to land exactly parallel to the road and my car pointing in the direction I had been going - talented, don't ya think?!?!After my car stopped, I smelled the smoke from the airbags deploying and thought my car was on fire. All I could think was that I had to get out. So, I undid my seatbelt, reached over and unlocked the door, pulled on the handle, opened the door and climbed out. I took a couple of steps and realized that my shoes had come off and I was standing in the wet/muddy grass in my socks. About that time a man had stopped and came over and asked if I was ok. I told him yes, but that I needed to get my shoes. (I'm sure those that know me really well would have some sort of joke about that!!) He thought I should go sit down instead. So I did. A lady also stopped and the two of them helped call those I needed to call and the man helped get some of my stuff out of my car. Wyatt thinks the funniest part is when I had the lady call him at work. After he answered, she said she would just let me talk to him. So, she handed me her phone and I informed him that I had been in a wreck, flipped my car, and totaled it. He then asked if I needed him to come get me. I turned to the lady and said, "Does he need to come and get me?" (I'm not sure how I thought I would get anywhere if he didn't..) She told me that yes, he would probably need to come get me. Anyways, I was unscratched and only had a little neck and back pain, which is now pretty much all gone. We spent a good part of Monday going car shopping, since I now need a car. I'll post pictures of the new car when we get it. All I can say is that God was definitly watching over me and I am so thankful I'm ok!
We took these pictures Wednesday evening... Everytime I look at these pictures I can't believe that it happened and that I walked away unhurt.
So, if anyone is wondering.... Civic's don't fly very well, but they will protect you if you try to make them!!!!


Robin and Stephen said...

Oh my goodness Libby! I am so glad you are okay. I bet that was such a scary experience!

Rachel said...

Wow - yikes!! I can't believe you were so calm! All of the times I've had wrecks, I metamorphasized from my usual unemotional self to a complete basketcase!

Good luck on the new car hunt!

Brittney said...

I saw your pictures on facebook and you definitely had someone looking out for you! I'm so glad you're ok!

Becke' said...

My GOODNESS Libby! You should put a note in your new car that says, "This is a car, not a plane." Just teasing ya! I am so thankful you are OK!

Suzette said...

Whew! What an accident! That is such a miracle that you are ok! Praise God! I love the fact that you NEEDED your shoes!