Friday, February 4, 2011

A Shovel, Hoe, & Snow Saucer

These are the 3 tools Wyatt and I used to clear the snow off our driveway! He cleared a little off one side last night so he'd be able to drive himself to work today. We decided that we might as well clear off the other side. I told him I'd help, but we only have 1 shovel - a regular shovel, not even a snow shovel. I actually started with the shovel while he was trying to clear some of the snow off the carport (it had started bowing from all the weight). Then he came and took over with the shovel.

I tried using the hoe a little but it wasn't doing much. I decided the snow saucer might work to move more snow at a time. I first started trying to 'rake' the snow to the side but that wasn't working too well. Then I decided I could scoop some up in it and then just dump it off to the side. That worked pretty well.

So, we got a little system down where I'd get the top half and then he could get the rest of it faster with the shovel. With teamwork, we were able to get it done pretty quickly.
I still can't believe how much snow we got! Here's a few other pictures with the additional 3 1/2 inches we got today.

Did anyone else use any 'creative' tools for clearing their snow? Hope you have a fun and safe weekend!!


Robin and Stephen said...

I can't believe you were out there scooping snow!!! =) Good wife!

Libby said...

Don't worry, I took lots of breaks! I felt bad him doing it by himself, so I had to help.