Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six months 'til we get to eat cake!

WOW!!!! It's already been six months since we tied the knot! I can't believe how time flies! At times, it seems like so long ago, while other times it seems like it was just yesterday. I am so thankful to have finally met and married my "shoe". We've been doing really well and have mostly adjusted to married life - with lots of little lessons along the way, such as toilet paper rules, cabinet closing lessons, closet sharing, etc. It is so nice to get to wake up next to my best friend every morning.

I love looking through the pictures from the best day of my life and remembering all of the excitement and love I felt on that day. I would have to say one of my favorite parts was the cake. Not only did it turn out PERFECTLY, but it was soooo good! I cannot wait to eat the top layer on our 1 year anniversary (hopefully it'll taste like I remember...) My other favorite was the little airplanes everyone threw as we left.


Campbell Crusade said...

Libby! So good to finally visit your blog! I love it- and enjoyed looking and reading your posts. Especially the one about Kiley. I couldn't have worded it better myself. You are right. We did (and still do) have quite a special friendship. We will always miss our Kiley- she was a special person.
Hey- your house looks great! You've done alot and I'm sure it feels good to step back and see all your hard work paid off. Love the curtains, too! And wow- 6 months since the wedding?? Too crazy. Hey- save me a bite of that cake come September!
Hugs- Mandy

Boop said...

You know that cake has to be good, after all I packed it away just like the directins said!!! Actually I can't believe it has been 6 months alreay.

Rachel said...

I LOVE your wedding cake - that is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Mine was supposed to be similar (not hot pink, but different geometrical designs on each tier), but didn't turn out NEARLY as awesome as that one.