Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girl's Day

What a great day today was!!!! I drove over to Arkansas yesterday evening to see my parents and to spend today with my best friends. My momma even cooked dinner for me last night! One thing I miss most from living at home is all the family dinners. Anyways, this morning I met Stephanie, Miranda, and Julie in the Wal-Mart parking lot. We hoped in with Miranda and headed to Golden Corral for brunch. We always have to go eat somewhere when we get together; it's just what we do. While we were eating, we realized that the last time we had been there was when Miranda was pregnant with Julie and we had even sat in almost the same exact spot! The following weekend was when Julie was born. So, we'll see if the same happens this time!!

After an enjoyable brunch, we went to Different Strokes. We thought it would be fun to be a little creative and have more time to hang out and catch up. Of course, it took us all forever to decide which item we wanted to paint. That's what happens when you get a few indecisive women in a pottery painting studio!!! Julie picked out a horse pretty soon after we got there. I chose a picture frame and so did Steph. Mandy chose to paint a tile. Then we had to pick out what design and colors we would paint... decisions, decisions, decisions!!! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed each other's company. Julie kept us entertained too!

I was sad when the day was over, but definitly looking forward to our next girl's outing!!!

Our finished, well... almost finished, projects

Julie helping Steph and Mandy open the gifts I got them

Love ya girlies!!!!

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Jessica said...

It was great to see you out and about at Target. I'm so glad you got to come to NWA for a girls' day out! : )