Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Birthday and Cake, but not birthday cake!

Birthday: Yesterday was my dear hubby's birthday... Happy Birthday Sweets!!! We didn't do much 'cause we are both still recovering from all the work we did the past several months on our house. So, we are quite happy to be lazy and just hang out. I did take him out to eat and he chose Chinese. That was pretty much it.

Cake: If you remeber on our 1 year anniversary, we hadn't tried our 1-year-old-top-layer of frozen wedding cake. Well, this week I called Merritt's Bakery and asked about what the proper procedure was for thawing frozen cake. We decided to wait until this weekend to try it. So, Friday evening when I got home from work, I carefully unwrapped the frozen cake and put it into the refigerator to begin its 24 hour thaw. This is what it looked like:

Then, this morning I set (or sat, I can't remember which..) it out to begin to uncool from being in the refigerator, 'cause no one wants cold cake!!! After we got home from church, it looked like this:

I told Wyatt it looked like it was undressing!!! I couldn't resist the urge to touch it. So, I kind of very carefully poked part of the "naked" part. It was surprisingly kind of spongy. Not at all like the way I expected it to be after being frozen for a year! I asked him when he wanted to try it and he said let's wait until later. By the way he said it, I really wan't sure later would ever arrive! He also said he'd try it after I did. I told him we had to eat it at the same time. So, finally after dinner he agreed we could try it. I got a knife and cut us a slice. I was trying to get the icing off and he said I didn't have to make it look pretty 'cause he wasn't going to eat more than a little bite. Anyways, you're probably wondering how 1-year-old-top-layer of thawed wedding cake tastes....
......well, we both took and bite.... and...... looked at each other.... and both said..... NOT TOO BAD!!!! Then, we took another bite. We were both really shocked at how good it tasted. We wound up eating the whole slice I cut!!!! I don't think it is quite as good as it was a year ago, but it isn't far from it! Of course, I had to keep telling myself to keep an open mind and not think about the fact that it was frozen. I almost wasn't believing my tastebuds. I think I might even eat another piece tomorrow. So, if you were wondeirng, now you know!
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!! Mine is looking like it is going to be pretty busy.

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writing4612 said...

My mom froze some of our birthday cake, and it was still good. I like freezing it because it doesn't get wasted . :)