Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mom's Surprise!!!

A few months before Christmas, I asked my mom what she wanted. She gave me a couple of ideas and so I started my Christmas shopping. Nothing I saw really hit the spot. I did find a really cute snowman for her at Hobby Lobby. I figured she already has a bazillion, so she definitly needs one more! But I still needed something to go with it.... Well, I took one of my dogs to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and when I went to pick her up, one of the ladies at the desk asked if I wanted a puppy. I looked up and saw a really cute, really tiny chihuahua puppy. I told her no, that I already had 2 dogs and that was enough. I left and as I was driving home, I thought of my mom. I called her to kind of joke with her about the dog and at first she thought I was talking about getting it for myself. I told her that no I was thinking about it for her. She wasn't sure if she wanted a dog right now, or even what kind...etc.

I got home and was telling Wyatt about my idea to get the dog for mom for Christmas. We threw the idea around a little, but I wasn't even sure if the dog was male or female or anything else about it. So, I called the vet and asked to talk to the lady about the puppy. I asked her a few questions and let her know I'd call her back and let her know if I wanted it. So, Wyatt and I talked it over a little more and came up with a few more questions. I called her back and asked her the other questions. By the end of these questions, I had made my mind up. I was going to get the puppy!!!

So, I went and picked up the puppy and she was so sweet and loveable. All she wanted to do was cuddle and lay on my lap. I was pretty sure that would go over real well with my mom. It was so hard to keep the secret for almost a week - I got the puppy on Tuesday evening and gave her to my mom on Sunday afternoon. After I got home with the puppy, we decided that we should go get a little carrier for her. So, Wyatt dog sat while I ran to Wal-Mart to get a little carrier for her. Of course, my dogs weren't too happy with me for bringing home the puppy. I really wanted to wait and surprise my mom when we went over on Christmas Eve, but Cari came to visit on Saturday and then my mom was going to drive half-way over to meet us and drop off my cousins so we could take them shopping for their Christmas presents. I figured that would be way too much craziness in my house and it would also give mom some time to bond with her new baby before we all went over there for Christmas. So I decided to take the puppy with me and surprise my mom on Sunday afternoon (since I wanted to let my mom name her, I just called her Little Girl).
Little Girl only wanted to lay in my lap on the way to meet my mom and pick up my cousins. I was a little worried that she had already bonded to me. Anyways, we get there and are pulling into the parking space next to my mom and Little Girl is trying to climb out the top of my coat. I managed to keep her hidden. So Cari and I get out and go stand next to my mom's door, now mind you it is FREEZING outside. We chat a little and then I inform my mom that I am having a really hard time wrapping one of her gifts.... In the mean time I am trying to pull Little Girl out the bottom of my coat, but all she wants to do is stay inside! So, I finally manage to get her out and at just the right time, mom looks over at Aunt LeAnn in the passenger seat (Perfect!!!). I say, "So, I decided to give it to you today," and sit her on the door. My mom turns around and her jaw hits the floor!!! She was shocked and didn't know what to say. It was great!!! I hopped in the car and quickly told her the story and what I knew about Little Girl. She and LeAnn decided that LeAnn had better drive home so mom could bond with her new baby.

It didn't take long for Little Girl to bond with mom and understand that she was her new mommy. Now, anytime mom is out of her sight she whines a little and is really only content sleeping on mom's lap. Mom picked out the name Sassy Ann(after me) Sargent. I think it is a great name and matches her perfectly. Here are a few pics of Sassy while she was at my house.

Cuddled in the blanket sling I made for her

Dinner time!

Trying to get her to pose with the presents

Bath time

Isn't she pitiful?!?!?


Boop said...

Definitely a surprise, but a good one. I can't tell you how far I fell in love with her immediately. I don't want to leave her. Today was a record-gone to church for 5 1/2 hours total, doesn't that qualify for neglect? Thanks again.

Suzette said...

She is so stinking cute.. You mom needs to have one of her girls close to home, so I'm sure this helps! :)